This gallery is a revolving presentation of recent work as well as projects that I feel were particularly successful.

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Concept Design Portfolio Part 1 - OVERVIEW

digital media


  Concept Design Portfolio Part 1 - OVERVIEW   This is an OVERVIEW portfolio with a few case studies.


Concept Design Portfolio Part 2 - DEEP DIVE

digital media


  Concept Design Portfolio Part 2 - DEEP DIVE   This is an EXTENDED portfolio with many videos - please give adequate time to load all content.



15cm x 10cm x 18cm

  THERMøDEBTnEATER   Functional prototype for programmable themo-actuator. Capable of switching high power devices up to 2.5KiloWatts. Theoretically, could be employed to rebalance income inequality, restore individual sovereignty, or reanimate the zeitgeist of Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO DOCUMENTATION.

See the Illusion

5m x 2.5 m x 1m

  See the Illusion   The title of this Transdimensional Manifold Array Labyrinthine Projection™, See the
Illusion, is a double-entendre, at first suggesting there’s more to see than the meandering
labyrinth line that is the basis of this work. Secondarily, the title makes reference to the
illusion all around us that everything is “normal” when in fact many feel that the house is
on fire. Who or what is perpetuating this illusion of normalcy? What is the true
relationship between us and the ubiquitous “all-seeing eye”? Click here to see the DETAILED press release.

Constellation of Makers

kinetic sculpture
7.6m x 2.4m x 2.4m

  Constellation of Makers   Commissioned by the Pacific Northwest College of Art, this kinetic sculpture is made from 13 repeating aluminum arms representing the charter graduates of the applied Craft and Design program at PNCA/OCAC. Each arm has a 9cm glowing globe on one end and an LED on the other. The object fills a 60 sq meter volume, but activates a space many times greater. Truly a beautiful object to behold, it represents the individuallly interconnected nature of human relationships. Created in collaboration with Christina Conant.

Transfiguration of Julio Iglasias

kinetic sculpture
76cm x 43cm x 10cm

  Transfiguration of Julio Iglasias   A stylized traditional cretan labyrinth is the form taken by this kinetic sculpture made from audio cassette tape. It is representative of the interconnectedness of all things and relates to the Mayan astronomical discovery that our solar system orbits the Milky Way Galaxy once every 26,000 years. (detail - 120cm pendulum not shown) CLICK THIS LINK TO THE VIDEO.

Labyrinthine Monolith (steel)

120 cm x 70 cm x 30 cm

  Labyrinthine Monolith (steel)   This bouncy labyrinth sculpture constructed from steel rod displays a high degree of aliveness. Mic'd with a contact microphone yields very interesting sound characteristics. See a documentation video here.

Transdimensional Manifold Array Labyrinthine Projection

16cm x 16cm x 18cm
Self Portrait

  Transdimensional Manifold Array Labyrinthine Projection   The highly crafted prototype for the transdimensional manifold array sculptures. Two labyrinths adorn this triptych monolithic labyrinth sculpture. When viewed from a specific perspective, a portrait image is revealed not otherwise discernible. MAde from hand-milled acrylic.

Transdimensional Chartres Labyrinth Monolith (acrylic)

13 cm x 15 cm x 13 cm

  Transdimensional Chartres Labyrinth Monolith (acrylic)   This labyrinth sculpture is made from hand-milled acrylic. The pattern is a representation of the classic Chartres cathedral labyrinth form. Use this object for meditative, contemplative, or other deep transconsciousness practices.

Labyrinthine Projections™ Nike Design Lecture



  Labyrinthine Projections™ Nike Design Lecture   Presentation on the history and future of my Labyrinthine Projection artwork hosted by the NIKE Footwear Materials Library on the Nike WHQ campus in Beaverton, Oregon. Event will be held Wednesday, 30 September at 11am in the Mia Hamm building, 4th Floor. For more info, call Lynn Raube at 503.671.6453.
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