This gallery is a revolving presentation of recent work as well as projects that I feel were particularly successful.

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Air Force 1 Woven

mixed media
30cm x 10cm x 12cm

  Air Force 1 Woven   A special Nike Air Force 1. Steve Mullholand of Sole Collector magazine asked me to produce this unique kick for his 25th Anniversary Edition on shelfs in March. This one-off pair was hand made at the Nike World HQ in Beaverton, Oregon. I designed and hand-wove the upper from neon orange and reflective silver vinyl. Special thanks to Mark Smith and Jason Badden in Nike's Innovation Kitchen for making this project happen. CLICK HERE FOR MORE IMAGES.

Warner Grand Residence - China

mixed media
600 sq. meters

  Warner Grand Residence - China   The second of two luxury condominium projects I was commissioned to design for my Chinese client. This two-bedroom residence will be repeated over 150 times in five towers. It features extensive casework all wrapped in padded leather, custom designed metallic wallpaper, glass-beaded ceilings, tile mosaics, and intricate lines drawings in plaster-relief. CLICK HERE FOR MORE IMAGES.


digital media
20cm x 15cm

  XIGHT   Highlights from a branding project I did for the worlds largest video projector company. CLICK HERE FOR MORE IMAGES.

Warner Grand Gardens - China

mixed media
3000 sq. meters

  Warner Grand Gardens - China   The first of my commissions to design luxury interiors for Chinese High Rollers. This livable artspace incorporates countless two and three dimensional art pieces into a spacious 3000 square-foot, two story condo. CLICK HERE FOR MORE IMAGES.

Nike Air Force 1 by Mo

9 mens shown

  Nike Air Force 1 by Mo   The Limited Edition Nike Air Force 1 by Mo hits the streets May 21, 2005.
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